So yeah, I'm Ash Ketchum's crush. You mad? Stay mad.

Monday, 30 July 2012

And that feeling you get.

Hi :D I'm so depressed today :( I feel like I lost a friend but idk who :/ I am so sleepy but I dont want to sleep. Just now the weather was so nice. It was windy and started to rain :D I was in class. Memang gempak ah an main angin dengan kawan! :D Got this picture of Nadhi in a .... idk. And me and sara :) I'll show the pictures later. I look really dark in one of them. 

Oh by the way, last night something really heartbreaking happened.

Okay. My policy.

I really hate it when people do that. And guess what, someone did! >:( Okay here goes.

I wanted to call someone from some dorm to go gosok her baju. And then Arin asked me about physics and  I said I nak buat gempak gempak because I want to become and astronomer.

Masa saya nak keluar dorm dia cakap, "Alah qilah, takkan dapat punya. Aku doakan kau tak dapat jadilahh!" Aku dah macam -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.- and lastly, :'( Yeah I cried. 

I dont mind, mess with me, mess with my stuff, mess with anything in my whole life but please not my family, friends and ambition :( 

Oh here they are: 
Me and saraaaaaa :3

And, presenting, Nadhirah Migit Hermannnn :D

Okay bye :3

Macaroni ;) oh wait, Ash Ketchum's crush, oh and, Riki's :)

Saturday, 28 July 2012

I'm a Pokéfreak and don't you dare change that

Yeah, I live with Pokémon. Okay? I was born, and started watching Pokémon already. I grow and watch and watch and I start to collect cards. And then I get their dolls. And I play games. And now I do all of ém. And I too wanna catch 'em all. My idol, the hottest, cutest, greatest PokéMaster.


Ok that picture was scary but there on my header you have him. He followed me on twitter!!!! :D The one and only verified account who I want it to follow me!!!!!!!!!!! Fangirl fangirl fangirl fangirl fangirl <3333
His mom is so cute when giving the running shoes to him :3 AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SO CUTE SO HOT Ah who cares Rifaí lagi hot ah :p

Okay bye :D Remember,